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Set of 3 Island Planters – Island Planter, Mini Island and Rock Island planter. Fill your home with some beautiful modern design and display objects for indoor and outdoor houseplants. Each concrete planter is designed with smooth lines and texture to create a unique way to add to your modern home design. Each concrete island planter is handmade and unique with each pour. This set makes a perfect gift for any mid-century design lover.


This group can be displayed together or separately. The scale and form of each planter varies so it will create a beautiful variation to any home or office.  Descriptions for each planter below:


Island planter size: 4"high, 21" long, 7" wide, with inside soil depth 2 1/2"


Island planter size: 3"high, 9" long, 5" wide, with inside soil depth 2"


Island planter size: 4.5"high, 15" long, 9" wide, with inside soil depth 3 1/2"g

Set of 3 Island Planters

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