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Inspired by our best selling original island planter, this Floating Island Concrete Planter is influenced by mid-century modern design. With smooth clean lines the planter is designed to enhance the texture and form of your plants. These modernistic organic shapes are all handmade and unique.

Each planter is hand cast from original molds designed by me. There is an application of a natural looking clear sealer applied over the whole planter. This planter can be hung inside or outside. Because of the material and sealer, the planter will not leak.

This planter has an extra unique design. You will not find another planter quite like it. Our Island concrete planter is the perfect gift for someone who is into modern decor and midcentury design. This planter is truly a special gift. The concrete has a nice smooth texture and each pour is unique. Each planter works well for indoor and outdoor decor. These can be used for succulents or air plants. We use it for our unique style of succulent bonsai. 

Floating Island planter size: 8"high (without including hanger) With hanging device it measures 32" from the top of hanger to the bottom of the pot, 21.5" long, 7.5" wide, with inside soil depth 7"

This planter comes with metal hanging wire and it is preassembled and ready to hang. 


Floating Island Planter